For Sale #1392

For Sale Rhodes #1392 “Q”
Recent Renovations by Chris Small
1) All New Foam Ribs
2) New Floor Boards
3) Internal Hoop Frame to Brace Hull and Cuddy
4) Rudder Faired and Straightened
5) Keel Centered and Faired
Mast recently rigged by Ken Harvey
This boat is straight, strong and fast
She complies with all R19 National Fleet Measurements
Travel Ready trailer with wooden braces for mast and equipment to tie boat down
Bruce Bolen 781-631-5710

Mid Seventies Oday Rhodes (Totaled) Will sell as is or part it out.

Hurricane Mathew tossed the boat on a pier and beat holes in bottom. I bought the boat a couple of months ago thinking I would rebuild it. But (at 75) decided it is too much for me; and, I would not use ten times even if I did rebuilt it. It has three large holes in the bottom that my fiberglass guy would have repaired for $800 after I did all 20 hours of the prep/fairing work. (Done) Then I would have put Interprotect and bottom paint on it and keep it at the club and then spend money not using it.
I will sell the tapered mast, jumpers, standing rigging, centerboard, folding rudder, tiller, new motor mount, new centerboard winch, and a Pride main, and jib in usable condition….fair(?). Also prepped is the Mahogany cockpit trim…in good shape and ready for varnish or Sikkens.The deck fittings are all in place as far as I can tell. (Not much of the go-fast stuff I read about.)
Price $1200 dollars. You can have the hull itself for free if you buy the parts. I will strip the fittings and pack them if you want them. Mast packing and shipping ( ?) you can have done by/through MCCotters Marina in Washington NC, by the owner Mark Henley.
Separately, I have an old but very serviceable tilt trailer with new bearings for the R-19. $450.

Tom Richter 252 945 0570
Tom and Dorie Richter

R19 No. 2517 For Sale – Make an Offer

Multiple Hingham/Hull Fleet 46 Championships

Original O’Day tapered mast with jumpers mounted, floorboards and rigging.

I have added center traveler, new boom, spin pole, and min weight rudder, and a lot of Harken.

Boat is complete and race ready with 2 suits of sails, all standing and running rigging in working order, and 25 # of lead as per last weigh-in.

Bottom is epoxy coated, w/o anitfouling. Keel needs work. Sails need replacing.

Ugly but fully functional trailer with 2 recent tires.

Entertaining offers this fall to avoid storing.

Make an offer and get the necessary done over the winter.

George Randall 781-740-0574 (mobile) or

R19 Embroidery

I do embroidery and have the Rhodes 19 logo digitized for stitching on shirts and also do pennants.
For example: if you send me a like new shirt, the cost would be $18 plus return postage of $6.
A pennant would be $33 plus postage. Please Contact me, Deneen Reed at for more
Information. I will have examples at the Nationals in Marblehead, (Larry MacMillan) will be attending.

Donated Boats

Fleet 7 at Southern Yacht Club has three donated boats available for training and casual pleasure sailing. One of them is in need of a replacement rudder., used but serviceable. Contact John Stassi.