Perpetual Awards

Cressy Trophy

Norm Cressy, longtime Rhodes 19 sailor and many times Nationals’ bridesmaid, donated the Cressy Trophy to be presented annually to the 2nd place Nationals’ skipper.  See the list of Cressy Trophy winners.

President’s Trophy

The Presidents Trophy is awarded each year by the Class President to the class member who has made significant contributions to the Rhodes 19 class.  See the list of President Trophy winners.

Don Quixote Trophy

The Don Quixote Trophy is awarded annually to the highest finishing National Regatta competitor who has never finished in the top five in any previous National Regatta. See the list of Don Quixote winners.

Novice Trophy

The Novice Trophy is awarded annually to the highest finishing National Regatta competitor who has never competed in the event previously.  See the list of Novice Trophy winners.

Travel Trophy

The Travel Trophy is awarded annually to the National Regatta competitor who has traveled the farthest with the greatest effort to attend the Rhodes 19 National Championship Regatta. See the list of Travel Trophy winners.

Robert Jensen Masters Trophy

The Robert Jensen Masters Trophy is awarded to the highest placing skipper over sixty years of age. The trophy, named in honor of Bob Jensen of the Chicago Fleet, was dedicated by the class in 2006 on unanimous vote of the Executive Committee. By any measurement, Bob’s achievements and contributions deserve this, and more, recognition. Bob is a seven-time national champion, past class president and past chairman of the rules committee. Bob has been sailing Rhubarb, # 1216, since he purchased it new in the early seventies. He continues, at the age of sixty plus (plus a lot), to compete at a high level of both skill and sportsmanship. Bob continues to contribute to the success of the class and is still a leader in class issues as well as on the race course. Bob Jensen epitomizes the ideals of sportsmanship and Corinthian spirit. Since the Rhodes 19 is often considered the perfect “old guy’s dinghy” this prize will be hotly contended by the large contingent of sprightly seniors seen at most R-19 events. See the list of Robert Jensen Masters Trophy winners.

Rhodes 19 National Championship for Corinthian Sailors. 

The R19 National Championship for Corinthian Sailors generously donated in 2006 by Patricia A. Stadel, an avid sailor, racer and yachtswoman, a member of the Marblehead’s Corinthian YC and a US Sailing senior judge. The prize is awarded to the Corinthian sailor achieving the best result in the R19 National Championship Series who has not yet reached their 25th birthday by the day of the first race of the series and who is classified as an amateur by the United States Sailing Association.

Rhodes 19 National Fleet Championship Trophy

Trophy was contributed in 2009 by Carolyn and Doug Trees to encourage fleet racing and participation in the National Championship.  The award is presented to the fleet with the best record for its top finishers.  The minimum number of boats for a fleet entry will be three with a maximum of five, to be determined by the Regatta Chair.  See the list of National Fleet Championship Trophy Winners.