2021 Nationals Results

Congratulations to Steve Clancy and Marty Gallagher for winning the 2021 Rhodes 19 Nationals.  They prevailed over a deep competitive 31 boat fleet.  They also took home the “Wet Bottom” trophy for best finish by a wetsailed boat and the “Jensen” trophy (best finish for skipper over 60).

Second was Joe Fava and Elise Nash, who also won the “Norm Cressy” perpetual (2nd place) and the “Don Quixote” (best finish by sailor never before in the top 5).

Third were Will and Tom Dailey, who also won the “Novice” trophy (best finish for a 1st time nationals competitor).

Fourth were Nat and Jim Taylor, fifth were Kim and Christina Pandapas.

Travel Trophy – Tim Maye

Corinthian – Bridget Hickey

Fleet – Fleet 5

Congratulations to all.

full results at 2021.rhodes19.org