1) Article X: Is the boat weighed with the lifting bridle and then the weight of the bridle deducted from the previous total or must it be carried during a race?

If the lifting bridle is not carried while racing then its weight must be deducted.

2) Article X: Must the shelves and the forward doors be carried on the boat as the rules reference “if carried”?

The forward locker doors and shelves need not be carried while racing unless the weight of the boat was determined with these on board.

3) Article X: Can any required weight be added anywhere as opposed to the two specified places of years ago?

Corrector weights may be added at any location within the boat but must be permanently attached and accessible.

4) Article XI: In years of fairing over and over again, I have noticed that a number of boats have sharper bow entries than some others. Is this within the rules?

Re-shaping or re-fairing which alters the shape of the hull is not permitted.

5) Article XII: If the old flotation foam is removed, can it be replaced with air bags or a lesser amount of foam and how do you decide just how much foam needs to be put back in?

Original flotation material may be replaced with foam, airbags or any other positive flotation.  The tanks should be as full as possible to provide the maximum flotation for safety.

6) Article XII: Here it states that if the motor well is removed it must be replaced with a 20LB weight; however in the rules interpretations which follow, it says 8LBS. Which is it?

If the motor well has been removed, it may be replaced with the original motor well or by a fiberglass structure certified by a class measurer before installation as having a weight of at least 8 pounds. If this procedure is not followed corrector weights of 20lbs must be added to the boat.

7) Article XIII: Can the mast be “chocked” to hold it still in the partner or can the partner be built up to hold it in place?

The mast can be chocked to limit movement of the mast in the partner. Alteration of the partner is permitted only to comply with the partner position provision of Art. 13.  See Rule 12.01.03.

8) Article XVIII: Can the boom be strengthened and/or stiffened with an internal sleeve of some material?

Yes, the original boom can be stiffened with an internal sleeve. Alternatively an untapered section of allowed mast extrusion may be used.

9) Article XIX: Can the spinnaker pole be made of something other than wood or aluminum such as fiberglass or carbon fiber as so many new poles are made of?

The spinnaker pole must be made of wood or metal.

10) Article XXIV: Here it says that all of the cockpit coming must remain but that the material and size can vary. Does this include the very aft piece of coming across the back, which I notice has been removed on a lot of boats?

All coamings including the aft athwartship piece must be in place.

11) What material may the coaming be made from?

There is no restriction on the coaming material.

12) Are you allowed to install an aluminum pole running beneath the cuddy from deck to deck to prevent the hull and deck from flexing when loaded up from the shrouds in a breeze?

Yes, any element of the seats, tanks, inner liner or deck moldings and hull may be reinforced in any manner which does not reduce the weight, thickness, or strength of the original.

13) Would a more modern “tapered” spreader with a fixed end cap to hold the shroud be allowed?

No, the class adheres to the original design and specifications by Philip Rhodes unless a modification is specifically and explicitly permitted by the class rules.

14) Fraculators.  This term refers to a line attached to the head of the jib used to pull down the jib during racing.  Are Fraculators allowed as part of running rigging or are they considered an adjustable headstay therefore prohibited?

The line described as a fraculator is not a headstay.  It is a part of the running rigging or control equipment of the boat, covered under Article 8.01

Article 8.01 is quite specific on the freedom of owners to modify the running rigging of the boat as they wish, including cleating such lines, unless specifically prohibited in the rules.

15) Can I use a Tacktick T-060 Micro Compass while racing if the display is set to only supply heading information?

No. The Tacktick Micro Compass has the capability of providing information other than real time direction and is not allowed under Class Rule RE 32.05.

16) Can I use a Tacktick T-060 Micro Compass while racing if the capability to display any information other than heading information is permanently disabled?

Yes. If the compass is altered such that it does not have the capability of providing information other than real time direction while racing, it meets the conditions and limitations of Article 32.05.