President’s Trophy

Each year the Class President awards the Presidents Trophy to the class member who has made significant contributions to the Rhodes 19 class.

2022Elise Nash and Kim Pandapas2021 Nationals
2021Kevin LaneLifetime Contribution
2020Jeff ShoremanClass Secretary
2019Ken and Barbara WilsonOutstanding Contributors
2018Tommy TaggartSouthern Region Contributions
2017Stephen UhlClass President
2016Bob Bernstein2016 Nationals Chair and Lifetime Contributions
2015Charlie Pendleton2015 Nationals Chair
2014Meredith Reed Mainsheet
2013Mike HebertClass President
2012Tom DespresClass President
2011Tom CarvilleTreasurer
2010Fred BrehobClass Historian and Archivist
2009Jerry BlouinMeasurement
2008Chuck BeckerTreasurer - Unsung Hero
2007Bob JensenFor his clear thinking
2006Tom Despres; Ellen LidingtonMainsheet; Webmaster
2005Barbara WilsonMainsheet, East Coast Regatta organization
2004Marc CullerTechnical Committee
2003Doug TreesMeasurement
2002Michael CarpenterWebsite
2001Kim G PandapasEast Coast VP 1999-2000 
2000Kirk WilliamsonCreated class website 
1999Fred BrehobClass officer, promoter, participant 1969-1999
1998Bob JensenRules Chairman 1996-2001
1997Bill Lampe1997 Nationals Chairman - Chicago
1996B.J. Mansfield, M. Carpenter1996 Nationals Co Chairs - Marblehead
1995Jim TaylorRules Committee Chairman - 1983-95
1994Al LeBlancClass President 1991-1993
1993Carol MachalinskiHospitality
1992Meredith ReedMainsheet Editor
1991William H. Cahill1991 Nationals Chairman - Southern Yacht Club
1990not awarded
1989Norman E. CressySailmaker
1988George G. LailClass Secretary